Welcome To Cirrus Group LLC

Cirrus Group LLC is a privately owned application development, consulting and investment company focused on building dynamic customer, financial and operations management solutions for childcare, community learning and education industries.

Starting in 2002, Cirrus Group LLC introduced the DayCare Works™ platform of solutions and pioneered a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online application for child care facility management. Shortly after introduction, Cirrus Group LLC expanded the DayCare Works™ platform to meet the growing needs of school districts and community education providers.

Driven by a core philosophy of treating each client as a unique partner rather than just a customer, Cirrus Group LLC believes strongly in personalized customer support and continual product improvement to keep their software and service the best.

Cirrus Group LLC’s clients range from one-facility centers to large multi-facility organizations throughout the United States and Canada including some of the largest school districts and childcare facilities in North America.

We do it because...

At Cirrus Group we make it our mission to take the burden of administration off your shoulders by making smart, integrated web solutions that work for you. This way, you and your staff can focus on what you are meant to do-provide high quality programs to your families and communities.

Our Values


Integrity across what we say and do. It’s the way in which we conduct business, help our customers and manage situations that come our way.


We love helping others. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we love what we do. When a customer has an issue they need to resolve, we welcome the challenge and have a team of people that thrive on helping to get it solved.


We understand that we are working with people who value our attention to details and securing their data. It’s number one with us too. Loyalty to our customers and co-workers means that we follow through on our commitments.


We believe every program is unique, unique to their community and in the way that they manage programs. Our approach is built on the foundation that we need to first seek to understand and then we can solve.


We find lots of ways to get engaged in the community-whether it’s sponsoring a charity run or actually participating in events that support children. We love to know that we are involved with supporting others with their important missions.